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We are very happy that you stopped by for a visit!! Producing the finest dairy products is what we do...pure and simple... nothing fancy just HOMEGROWN GOODNESS!!


S.G.Audette';Vice President &Farm Manager

E.A.Carter Jr.;Assistant Farm Manager

A.P.Charbonneau; Barn Manager, Red Maple Farms

P.J.McKeon; Barn Manager, Didriksen Farms

M.Pliskin, Barn Manager, Granite Hills Dairy

M.A.Didriksen, Office Manager

M.Brookes, Maintenance Manager

Milkers; C.Allard, J.Arnoff, E.Ban, J.Ehrlich, P.Estes, E.LeClerc, J.LeClerc, K.E.LeClerc, W.McGlew & J.Valley

Muckers; B.Chezak, E.Didriksen, S.Oulette, D.Rollins & Y.Simone

Maintenance; P.Brookes, E.Carter, D.LeRue & S.M.Oulette

Thanks for visiting!! We are very excited to welcome Granite Hills Dairy to the Didriksen Farms Family..like our other FARMS, Didriksen Farms and Red Maple Farms, all three have snuggled peacefully in the Green Mountains since the 1770s!! Farming is a rapidly declining way of life and it's more important than ever to BUY LOCAL and support family FARMS in your area.. family FARMS everywhere depend on it. BUY LOCAL.....BUY AMERICAN!

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